Friday, March 30, 2007

A Fabulous Conference: Part 3

Last but not least EASY IKAT! Because this was a 1-day workshop, we had a "virtual dyeing" session:) The focus was more about designing on the warping board. Click here to see what happens to this warp.
It is such a kick to watch these beautiful ikat designs emerge right before your very eyes.

Some of my show and tell Ikat samples in silk and merino wool

A more orderly array of Ikat samples in silk, wool, cotton, and bamboo.


Lois said...

Hi Bonnie, love your Easy Ikat. I do something similar with space dyed yarn. I spend hours at the warping board designing. There can be a lot of waste as no two dyers use the same size skein. I tried dyeing my own but it took almost as long and I am a messy dyer.

Laritza said...

Color! That is what I need!

Bonnie said...

I timed myself once. It takes me 20 minutes per inch to wind an Easy Ikat warp. It's important not to confuse the word "easy" with the word "fast":)