Thursday, March 29, 2007

A Fabulous Conference: Part 2

WOVEN WORDS: Some students came to this class thinking we would be weaving actual letters of the alphabet in a tapestry technique rather than spell out words through a color coded alphabet I developed. About 10 years ago I found a book that had color correspondences to letters of the alphabet. I thought this color system would be less threatening than the color coded horoscope. Who doesn't love the alphabet:)

Can't you just imagine this beautiful sample as the springboard for a host of weaving projects?
The main goal of Woven Words is to help weavers become more free in their use of color.


Erin said...

Oooh! Those samples are so pretty! Do they spell out the names of the participants?

Bonnie said...

Erin, You are correct! I don't see why this couldn't work with knitting as well as weaving. Interested?

c u r i o u s w e a v e r said...

Bonnie, this workshop has an inspirational premise. It's all about freeing up those 'gears' in our brain and this way of approaching colour is great. I like your posts about teaching, it gives me ideas and makes me motivated. thank you. kaz