Monday, January 19, 2015

Saori Weaving Down Memory Lane

2015 is the year I have taken on the ZYG challenge (Zero Yarn Growth). First I weave something from my stash, and then I buy some new yarn for my next project, then use yarn from my stash….etc. You get the picture. I recently saw an inspiring picture on the FB Saori Weaving page, a mouth-watering silk weft/cotton warp poncho. I had a just enough cotton warp left on my Saori loom to weave a scarf. It had never occurred  to me to weave with silk on the Saori loom. In fact, I hadn’t woven with silk in this century!

Into the deepest reaches of my closet I delved, and out came the silk stash. At the bottom of the basket, I discovered a bag of silk bits, slightly longer than thrums, but an extra warp end here and a leftover ping-pong ball size snippet there. Some of this yarn  dates back to the mid seventies!   Most of it is custom ikat-dyed by at least a dozen different dyers, Cheryl Kolander of Aurora Silks  and Michele Wipplinger of Earthues to name a few.

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