Friday, January 9, 2015

A Look at Woven Paper Collage

Way back in the 20th century when I was living in Seattle and at the height of my teaching “career”, I was searching for a hands-on activity  for weavers that could be accomplished in 3 hours.(the smallest block of time used by most weaving conferences). I wanted something that would also appeal to spinners, knitters, basket-makers, anyone really. I came up with a workshop I called “Finding the Color Within”.

Since my focus is color, I wanted to create a workshop that would strengthen creativity and to free up color experimentation. Here are some examples of those first woven collages.

I taught a bunch of workshops– even one at Convergence in Vancouver.
After I moved back to Montana, I taught, what I now call Woven Paper Collage, at Living Art and several other places around Missoula.

Over the years, what began as a color exercise continues to evolve. Stay tuned for the next chapter….

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