Monday, August 20, 2012

Weaving Peace in Arlee--beginnings--week 3--new warp

Peace in Gaelic as given to me by Malcolm: Siochain (shee-uck-awn)
When I looked up Peace in other languages, I was surprised to find huge lists on various sites. I also discovered that each site has different spellings, so I decided to just used the languages and spellings that people bring to me here as I am weaving.

Here is the recipe/draft/code in case you are inclined to weave/bead/quilt/embroider---
19 of #1, 9 of #2, 15 of #3, 3 of #6, 8 of #5, 1 of #7, 9 of #2, 14 of #4.

You get to pick the colors #1-#7 with #1 being your favorite.

With a new week comes a brand new warp pre-wound from Saori in Japan through Saori Santa Cruz. I decided to stick with the same un-mercerized cotton for continuity. I don't have any un-mercerized cotton of that weight in my stash at home.

Two beautiful weavers came to inaugurate the new warp today. You may notice that the background of the gallery has changed. Over the weekend, the old show came down and a new one was installed. I got to participate and it was loads of fun. The opening of the new show is this Saturday. I will continue weaving through it all (grin)

I couldn't resist mirror-imaging Gaelic Peace.

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