Thursday, March 1, 2012

Saori Santa Cruz

"Consider the difference between a person and a machine"

Saori Weaving and the Saori loom is the polar opposite of the Jaquard loom. My visit to Saori Santa Cruz truly rounded out my total weaving experience.

I am sorry I didn't take any pictures of the exterior of this other-worldly studio tucked away in Felton, CA. Even so, we found it, and it looks like lots of other people have as well. Jill Nickolene Sanders, artist/teacher extraordinaire, gave me my first Saori weaving lesson. I am totally hooked and ready to trade my 8 harness, 48" Fireside for a Saori loom. Just look at the uniquely wonderful garments Jill has created on 2 harnesses and 18". And talk about portable! Check out the array of looms, tools, and yarn.

Here is Denise my new friend, student, and valiant driver modeling another Saori fashion.

Must dash.... off to my first ever trip to Las Vegas to see the "O" show


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