Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What Is Intentional Design Anyway

Begin with a group of friends with a message, a meaning, and/or a desire . Add your favorite colors. Mix, wrap, blend, stir and voila! Intentional Design

Above is my first venture into group art. This piece was created during the Central Coast Weavers Intentional Design Workshop. Each segment is 1"x 5" and spells out the word "peace" mirror imaged and repeated. The piece is entitled The Many Shades of Peace"

Intentional Design is about giving and sharing (showcasing the work of the students in the workshop) "Virtual Quilt #3"

Intentional Design is a method of engaging the recipient of a weaving in the design process. The wearer becomes the designer.

Here is the beginning of a Blessing Blanket for Merin. Her relatives provided 10 blessing words. She and her parents gave me general color selections. There will be more posts about this blanket, so I won't go into the actual words at this juncture.

I will talk briefly about color selection. While still in the wrapping process, it is easy to shift around the colors to get the proper effect. Merin decided the wrappings above looked a bit too orange, so I re-wrapped some of the blessing changing the purple for the orange. Now she says it's not pink enough, so I will play around some more.

The wrappings begin to take on a life of their own irrespective of the weaving to follow. I now think of the wrappings as "Talking Threads"


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