Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Good Picture is Worth 1000.......

One of the delightful, amazing and eye-catching pieces in Sandra's studio, is her transforming an old family photo into a weaving. Sandra took me through the whole process.

This is a close-up look at the satin-weave structure (and Sandra as a little girl)

One of the things about looking at other weavers' work is that I say to myself "I could weave that!" This is certainly not true looking at Sandra's work. What I did say is, "Oh, you must weave one for me!"

Now I am in the process of going through my old family photos seeking the perfect picture for Sandra to make into a weaving for me.

Here are some other nature studies
And a lovely scene in progress although if you go over the Sandra's blog, she is probably finished it by now.

Thanks again, Sandra, for providing a most delightful and inspiring afternoon!

But what about the Intentional Design Workshop, you might ask? Coming soon! I will try for tomorrow, but sometimes time gets away from me.

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