Thursday, July 28, 2011

And the Weave Goes On

Here is my new Grace-full studio. Gary, as you know, is living elsewhere for the foreseeable future.
My first piece in the new studio will be a Bambu 12 Woven Words scarf with the words
(fittingly) GRACE/RELEASE. I like to do a wrapping before I wind a warp. It gives a chance to see and work out some of the colors.

As you know, the client selects both the words and the colors. I am merely the agent in this co-creating process. I use the black and white "almost ikat" to separate the words.

And, again, that most wonderful and scary moment---cutting the weaving off the loom.

And then the most exciting moment--walking backwards across the studio while holding the beginning edge of the weaving.

Stay tuned for more on the words: Grace and Release!


Valerie said...

Welcome home!

Meg said...

I've been thinking about you, Bonnie. I finally started unraveling my old cashmere sweater, and I found it very difficult at first because I wasn't sure how commercial-machine-knitted garments are constructed, but it is getting easier. The yarn breaks a lot especially around the arm wholes, but it is lovely cashmere, and at this point I am wondering what lovely thing I am going to make for myself.

I was also wondering if you've settled in to your new place.

Anonymous said...

Bonnie, your new studio is cute and cozy. Grace seems to like her new studio space and you are getting back to weaving. Welcome to your new home.

Doespins said...

Like the new studio. Feels like home once the loom is set up doesn't it.
The wrap covering the loom is gorgeous. I always drape my empty loom too, it never seems quite polite to leave them naked.

Anonymous said...
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