Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Shifting Whispering Studio

So I had been weaving for a full 10 minutes when the downstairs neighbor came knocking on my door. She said that it sounded like an army marching on her head. I knew this might be a possibility as jack looms tend to be somewhat loud (and after living here for a while I realize that the sound proofing in non-existent). I had purchased a sheet of something I hoped would absorb the sound, but no dice. I invited my neighbor in and we discussed the possibilities and options and decided to try moving the loom into the guest bedroom. So here is Grace moving yet again.I had been using the guest bedroom as my office, so here is the office now where the loom used to be.

Here is where the loom will now live. Someone asked me about the "platform" the loom was on, so here it is, a 2" thick piece of foam isolation which I covered with a rug.
And now Grace has a room of her own.

My neighbor downstairs does not spend much time is the room directly below, so I have my fingers crossed (which makes it much harder to weave). The room is really much brighter than it looks in this picture.


Valerie said... (and Grace) are certainly encountering more than your share of weaving challenges of late.

Hope all is smooth sailing from here on!

Kerstin på Spinnhuset said...

Or try a pair (well, two pairs...) fo Stadig loom feet. (Can be found at - maybe other places too)
I have had mine for ever (25 yrs?) and can swear by them... but I bought them here in Sweden :-)