Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Queen of Color Gamps

For those of you who have dabbled in Color Horoscope Weaving, take a look at this! Coby Johnson, the current president of the Missoula Weavers Guild, is truly the Queen of Gamps

I usually post other people's work in Inspired by Bonnie, but this was just too good.

Here is what Coby had to say about her weaving:

When Bonnie offered a second horoscope shawl workshop to the Missoula Weavers Guild, my first grandchild, Graham Arthur Johnson, had just been born. I asked Bonnie to create his horoscope instead of my own. I have a lovely horoscope shawl of my own done in cottons about 7-8 years ago and really thought it would be fun to create one for Graham in the beautiful colors of Bambu 7. Since I'm basically a structure weaver who likes to play with color, I threaded my 12 shaft Woolhouse loom to an 8 shaft twill repeat that could be used for a variety of structures. After first trying a straight twill block mixed with a basket weave block -- which didn't work at all -- I wove a block twill with a 3-1 twill block alternating with a 1-3 twill block. (See draft).

While working on this at home I got so excited with my early results, I had trouble keeping my seat. I kept repeating, "Gotta show this to Bonnie." When the guild study group arrived at my house for a session, I even unwound the finished section of cloth to show them. And did the same the next night when my knitting group arrived. I used the same 12 colors of Bambu in approximately 3 inch stripes in the weft beginning with red and continuing around the color wheel. I managed 2 1/2 times around the wheel. I intentionally changed colors within a block repeat so the adjacent colors blended more. The finished results may well be my favorite piece in 30+ years of weaving.

Thank you, Bonnie, for providing the inspiration for a fabulous piece of weaving that I will be examining for years as inspiration for other projects. It is the greatest of color gamps and still a beautiful shawl, which will make me think of my handsome little man every time I look at it. I plan to redo it in cotton at twice the width with the horoscope mirrored as a baby towel for Graham.

Coby Johnson

As soon as I can figure out how to copy the draft, it will be available on the Inspired by Bonnie blog.


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