Wednesday, March 9, 2011


For anyone who has wanted to be a part of a week long hands-on workshop with me, here is a golden opportunity!

Join me the first week in May at the fabulous John C Campbell Folk School in the mountains of Western North Carolina, to learn the whole process---from creating a personal horoscope draft to weaving a finished cloth. I will also touch upon Turned Weft Ikat, Almost Ikat, and Woven Words as they apply to designing textiles with intention to create magnificent colorful weaving.

It would appear that my traveling to teach is winding down, and my energy and interests are changing with a stronger leaning towards weaving as a means of healing and service. Although I am no longer submitting applications, I will continue to accept interesting invitations.


Rhonda from Baddeck said...

I attended the Folk School in January (during the big storm), and I highly recommend it. The campus is beautiful, the staff is great, the meals are delicious and there will be a lot of interesting people taking a wide variety of classes. I wish I could get away again to attend your class!

And I hope you continue to blog - even if it's not "all about weaving."

Anonymous said...

The JCCFS is amazing! I've been there the last 2 years and will be going back the end of May. I wish I could go at both the beginning and end of May to see you. Enjoy.

If anyone is hesitating, please don't - the Folk School has great people, amazing food and a whole week of creating. Heaven!

Gerri in St Paul said...

Unfortunately, can't make the class.

Looking forward to hearing more about weaving for healing and as service.