Sunday, October 10, 2010

Getting Ready for Ikat in Ohio

In addition to teaching about Turned Weft Ikat, I wanted to give everyone an opportunity to experience "Almost Ikat". The workshop is a lot about designing warps spontaneously on the warping board within rather tight parameters.

Here is the assignment---each student arrives in class with a scarf warp 9" wide in Bambu 7, sett 20 epi. There will be 3" solid borders and 3" in the center of almost ikat in one of 4 colorways. I asked everyone to select colors without telling any of their fellow students what they had selected. I am hoping to see a lot a variation and surprise.

So today I decided that I really should do the assignment myself. That way I can spend the next few days really focused on the upcoming workshop. Hopefully everyone in the class has already wound their warp (grin)

I cheated a little though. I couldn't decide which of 3 solids to use, so I used all 3. And then I couldn't decide which of the 4 space-dyed yarns to use, so I used them all.

I have no idea how this is going to look. (well, I really do have sort of an idea, but not really) That is one of the exciting things about this type of designing. So much is left to chance.

I'll start weaving tomorrow. I am thinking I will weave it with the cashmere. I am quite in love with cashmere/bamboo--quite the combo.

Today I put together 5 Color Horoscope Weaving Instruction Packets and then spent 2 hours trying to find my mailing envelopes. No luck! I am sure they sell envelopes here in Montana, but I was certain I had quite a stash. The list of missing objects continues to grow. It's funny that life goes one perfectly well without any of my lost stuff.

If you are one of the folks waiting for your packet, hopefully these will be yours. I did manage to lose track of a couple orders. If I haven't contacted you, please get in touch with me.

So many loose threads.......


blopeep said...

I hope one of those is mine! We've corresponded once since you landed in Montana, but here's hoping that it's all gone well. I'll send you an email as well.


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