Sunday, July 4, 2010

Independence Day

Life continues to sail along at an amazing clip. When am I moving? The official date is August 31 to be out of this place. Where am I moving? ...yet to be determined. I am attempting to stay open to all possibilities and pray for the doors to open that should be opened, and the doors to close that should be closed.

Meanwhile, I glance around the apartment and notice many items I haven't touch since I moved here 2 years ago. Do I really want to move these things AGAIN?! I have this cedar chest (a wedding present when I got married in the early 60's. The chest has help up much better than the marriage, but the they say (Oi Vey!)

I have things in there that go back to before my marriage. I really don't need or want these "treasures" any longer.
So I decided to have an open house and invite my friends and neighbors. Some things I will sell, but many things have a combination of no value and priceless. It will give me great pleasure to know that someone who will love and cherish an items of mine will get it while I am still quite able to take joy in the giving.

I am having a blast arranging "things"

And hanging things on my main wall.
And moving things around.
One of the amazing aspects of this venture is that as I divest myself of stuff, I seem to be divesting myself of some extra pounds that have crept back onto me while I wasn't paying attention.

It turns out that the place I used to live in is having a yard sale next weekend, and they told me that I could be a part of it. (The things on the wall are not "yard sale" things. You should see the yard sale things.) If my last move was a Festival of Moving, this one is bound to be a Movapalooza.

In between sorting, tossing, shredding, boxing and gifting, I am finishing up the last things I need to send to Cotton Clouds for their Convergence Booth. I will have a picture for you before the last weavings are sent off.


Cate Rose said...

Wow, moving again?! I hope it's for good reasons -- like you won the lottery or something! Hope you're well and happy, Bonnie!

waterfall said...

Moving for a fiber artist is like no other! We require accumulation! Yet, I like your positive spin and the 'letting go'! I have moved often of late, and can't acquire a place to live large enough for my loom, so, 'not' weaving! tears! I hope that wonderful posssibilities come to you for the 'right' next place! I love your work, your colors!
Keep us informed, please!