Sunday, January 17, 2010

Yes I Still Weave....


This is wrapped bamboo--Blessing Mitzvah
Created for a surprise 60th birthday party this evening. A great success!

And I have this 2/3 woven---and the delivery deadline is Monday! Well, I probably have a little wiggle room, but one good weaving session should do it.

AND most exciting of all, I once again am packing for Memphis! I leave on the 22nd. The Memphis group has decided to add a lecture. I still hold out on the power point front, but I vow to get that mastered this year.

I have a Northwest Designer Craftsmen new member brunch tomorrow, late morning, so enough for today.


Valerie said...

Both projects are lovely. I love the colors in both.

Any clue for us on the scale of the Blessing Mitzvah?

Sandra Rude said...

Bonnie, PowerPoint is *really* easy. You'll pick it up in no time!

Love the shawl - the ikat stripes really make the design pop.

Dorothy said...

Where people go wrong with Powerpoint it letting it define what they say and how they say it. You can delete the template stuff and then do anything you want, treat it like the old fashioned OHP slide, even post up scanned image of a handwritten page or sketch, at the extreme.

Good to see more colourful projects. I take note of your comments about time - none of us know how much time we have. I think I should turn the computer of and do something useful now ...