Friday, January 1, 2010

Turn the Page

Before I take down my holiday decor, I really have to show off my virtual candles (grin)


Sometimes I breathe more deeply.
Sometimes I hold my breath.

Here is a Woven Words project I will talk about in later posts. This warp has been waiting patiently on Gary for the past month. I have been holding my breath.

I have also been pondering Syne's Weaving Resolutions. My comment to her didn't reflect the thousands of hours and scores of years I spend echoing her very words, trudging down those very roads. I am awed to think I have spent half a lifetime seeking answers to questions I didn't know I was asking, and I NEVER figured out how to find the balance between weaving and the rest of life.

In all of my years of weaving, I have never woven a hound's tooth check. When I received 20 more cashmere sweaters from this lovely man, Stephen, (making his sweater total 50!) he requested a hound's tooth check in bamboo and cashmere. How could I refuse? It was easy, fun, and oddly satisfying. I used Habu bamboo. I can't recall the weight, but I doubled each end and sett at 20 epi. I can't believe this is actually plain weave! The whole effect is achieved by winding 2 ends of each color and weaving 2 picks of each color.


Valerie said...

Oh Bonnie!! I love your holiday display!!! How did you make those mitered squares. It is all just perfect.

There is something very zen about the hound's tooth the end of your the end of the year....

But you knew that.

Cindie said...

I love your candles! The framed pieces are exceptional!

Lynn Majidimehr said...

Love your display! The main thing I need to do this year is figure out how to balance work / hobbies / family / life in general,and when working on simple plain weave, it gives me time to relax and think.