Sunday, July 19, 2009

Small Steps

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Color Horoscope Weaving, what's it all about?

It's a long story that began in 1979 when I discovered the point intersection between weaving and astrology. It is a story I have yet to write, but I love to tell and teach it in seminars, workshops, and through my kits. Color Horoscope Weaving is an experiential color exercise. I never get tired of weaving my own horoscope because I continue to learn something new with every warp.

INSPIRED BY KAREN! When I taught Color Horoscope Weaving in Sacramento back in February, one of my students wondered what would happen if one put an ikat stripe on either side of the planet. What a great idea!! I couldn't wait to try it. Since Karen signed up for my upcoming workshop at the Golden Gate Fiber Institute, I thought it would be great to weave up this idea.

Instead of dyeing some real ikat, I got some variegated Bambu 7 from Cotton Clouds and created an ikat effect using the same winding technique I use in Turned Weft Ikat. I can't wait to see this piece off the loom.

Back to the Blessing Blanket color wrappings.... ALL of the wrappings have arranged themselves into a Spirit Doll. This is still very much a work in progress, but I am amazed to discover it has turned into an art piece which will continue to evolve as the blanket progresses. One of my friends saw this picture and thought it looked like a totem. Dimensions: 6" x 26"

I am still waiting for some yarn, but I started to wind the blanket as much as I could. I don't expect to really get started on it until I get back from teaching, but it is good to make a start.

Monday I begin putting my workshop together for real!


Anonymous said...

Dee from Michigan again! I wasn't asked if I wanted my email revealed; it is
It sounds like I may need to order a horoscope kit; can I weave it ona 14 inch 4 harness loom?
thanks. Dee

Karen Driscoll said...

Who knew I could inspire someone.
I love it and can't wait for the workshop.