Friday, June 5, 2009

What I Am Doing

Both Fran and Sarah purchased their weavings using CASHMERE DOLLARS (10 cashmere sweaters equals 80% of the price). Most custom weaving ordered in this manner are in the Woven Words technique, but these ladies wanted something a little different.

Fran 's Color Horoscope Weaving is finished and ready to ship. I like it so much I am having a bit of trouble letting it go. I believe I captured the feeling of sunset with the cashmere weft. I will send it off on Monday though.

In the picture below I have the piece hanging over top of some other weavings.

Oh yes, I changed the sett on the Bambu 7 warp from 20 epi to 18 epi, and I have to say I was very pleased with the results. I wanted the weft to show up a bit more. Before laundering and drying in the dryer, the dimensions were 19" x 78" and after 18" x 72" (minus fringe). It washed like a dream and didn't seem to shrink quite as much.

Sarah's fell in love with this merino wool ikat sample I wove 10 years ago. This was a sample for a 90" x 100" blanket. Instead of using bamboo yarn for the scarf warp, Sarah wants to have a merino warp and cashmere weft.

Much to my delight, I discovered I had enough ikat dyed Jaggerspun Merino left over from the blanket to create a scarf. I certainly have enough to create yet another as well. This is what I totally love about Turned Weft Ikat. The ikat warps are pure potential until I sit down at the warping board to spontaneously create a design. Of course, I won't be able to duplicate the pattern above, but then I don't really want to.

You may notice some little tags on the balls of yarn. I know they must have meant something when I wrote them, but now I have no idea what "Q NEG" means. Plus only half of the balls have mystery tags on them. Now each ikat dyed ball is a magical surprise waiting to be revealed.

Shea's baby blanket is still in the planning stage. The yarn has been ordered, and I am awaiting its arrival.

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