Friday, May 22, 2009

Cards Ready to Send---at last

Whew! I am finally gathering my energies after getting a semblance of an Etsy Shop up an running. The experience has left me with a feeling of both satisfaction and suspense.

A huge thank you to Sandra Rude for telling me how to put type ABOVE images! It is easy. I am also having a problem with the same finger of the same hand! I guess it doesn't matter how many harnesses a person has (grin).

At least a month ago, 16 people voted for their favorite greeting cards. I said I would send each person who voted, their favorite card, if they would send me their mailing address. At last, these cards are ready to send! Alas, I can find only 4 addresses : Katherine, Fern, Charlotte, and Denyse. Your cards are pictured below and will go out in the mail tomorrow.

Here are cards below for Heidi, Deanna, Irma, Carol, Holly, Margreet, Martha, Bonnie S, Meg, Cindie, Leigh, and Valerie. I am sure that Irma sent me an address, but I can't locate it, so please resend. The rest of you, send me an address if you wish......

Now that I have completed this little project, I can begin to move forward again.


Sandra Rude said...

Glad to be of help!

Leigh said...

Oh wow, with my mind on our move, I forgot all about this! Will send up my snail mail addy directly.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the lovely card, Bonnie. Hope you sell a million of 'em!


Deanna said...

The card arrived today, Bonnie. It looks even cooler in person! Thanks!

cwisner said...

I got my card last night in the mail. Thanks for a lovely end to the work week.

Katherine Regier said...

I received my beautiful card in the mail. It is much better than the blog pictures showed. I especially like that you can see individual threads in the weaving.Gorgeous!
Thank you!