Saturday, December 20, 2008

Mobius Maxima

I am very pleased with the results (although not completely thrilled with the picture). I don't have a back view at all. This weaving is made for a woman who is bigger and taller than I am. I had her try on my first version of the MobiQ and saw that I would need to add an extra yard of length. I think I will reposition the drape to come from the opposite shoulder because I believe the fold is covering up my favorite part.

I was very nervous about washing this piece, but my worries were for naught. This bamboo/chenille piece went through the washer and dryer without a hitch. One time I washed a chenille scarf and one colored stripe collapsed ruining the whole piece. I have never figured out why this happened, but it has left me feeling uneasy whenever I have had to launder chenille.

I really MUST weave one of these for myself!

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Marie said...

I love it! You've inspired me yet again.