Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Grace is Smokin'

I wish you could feel this weaving. The cashmere weft combined with the bamboo is just heavenly. I washed it in the machine and dried it in the dryer. It was 111" before laundering and I think it was 98" at the end. I forgot to write down the measurements (again). I realize 98" is rather long for a shawl, but I couldn't bring myself to cut it. I told the client I would make it shorter if they wanted, but I wanted to give them a chance to see it in all its glory.

I packed it up and overnight FedEx'd it to its new owner with hours to spare.

I thought these were a particularly nice details.

And then those warp chains from the weekend just jumped right onto Grace before I could decide what I wanted to weave next.

This is Bambu 7 and will be cut up as woven samples in my kits.


Cate Rose said...

Gorgeous as always, Bonnie!

Valerie said...

Oh my! Stop it or I'll have to have a drool tray installed above my keyboard!

Lovely stuff, Bonnie!

Anonymous said...

Totally stunning!

Anonymous said...

To Bonnie from Bonnie: I wouldn't have the heart to cut it shorter either. Great detail and invites the eye to study it for awhile.