Friday, November 14, 2008

Slowly But Surely

I seem to be weaving at a snail's pace. In case you have forgotten, above weaving is Woven Words, bamboo warp, variegated rayon chenille weft.

I am leaving on Thursday the 20th for a 2 week trip to the Unknitting Factory (aka. a visit to my folks on the East Coast). My plan is to have this off the loom. I probably won't have the piece below finished however.

Below is the beginning of a Color Horoscope Weaving, bamboo warp with a cashmere weft.
It is a Christmas order, so I do have time to weave it when I return. I noticed after I took the picture that I still had the beater tied to the castle from moving Grace back home.

Below is the very beginning of an idea to be explained as it unfolds. The working title is "The Many Shades of Hope" inspired by the outpouring of hope I witnessed on November 4th.

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skiingweaver said...

Woven Words is beautiful! Maybe sometimes the slower projects are all the more pretty for it? (I've been feeling slow lately, too, who knows, maybe it's in the air, lol.) Can't wait to see Many Shades of Hope (what a fantastic day...).