Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hello From Baltimore

I have finally figured out how to post from the computer at my mother's apartment. Now I just have figure out how to add pictures. One thing at a time. 

I have spent most of my time wading through another pile of cashmere sweaters. The "un-knitting" factory is in full swing. Of course all production stops when I am not here. (For those of you who don't know about the unknitting factory: it is my 90 year old mother, her 85 year old sister and me taking apart imperfect cashmere sweaters). We have two dozen to work on this trip. 

When not un-knitting, I have been mostly cooking and eating. I discovered Maryland crab hardly ever comes from Maryland any longer, thus ending my search for the perfect Maryland crab cake. (also I am now a vegetarian, so I can content myself in remembering how they used to be)

It's late......  

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Bev said...

That's so sad about the crab cakes. When I was a child, back in the dark ages, we used to just wade in the streams and pick up big Jimmies with our nets. Of course, to get the best crabcakes, I think you have to go to Crisfield!