Friday, May 9, 2008


Hi Bonnie,

As a regular visitor of your weblog I’ld like to let you know that your information on weaving is very inspiring.

It’s very generous of you to share so much information.

I love the way you use colours and am very interested in your horoscope weaving and woven words.

I have woven a babyblanket for the expected baby of my daughter.

Although I had no colour-system what-so-ever weaving this blanket , you inspired me in using three threads of very thin wool for the weft. The warp was tencel.

Thanks to the use of these materials the blanket has got a lovely drape.

As far as the use of colours, I just put all the colours I liked together and started warping until a colour was finished or till my feeling said there was enough of that colour.

When the warp was finished all the material was used up. Just some yellow was left.

The photo added shows the result.


Irma Spaargaren (The Netherlands


Barca Viola said...

Irma, that is one beautiful blanket! This is my second day reading the blog, Bonnie. I've enjoyed it and now I can see that there will be real benefits!

Thanks to you both for sharing ideas and projects.

Gerrie in St Paul

Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful blanket. Thanks Bonnie, for showcasing it today. I too am inspired by Bonnie's sense of color and only wish I had that as well. Would love to someday be able to take a class with Bonnie and learn more about her color play.

Cate Rose said...

Beautiful blanket, Irma. And thank you, Bonnie, for sharing it with us.

Lynn said...

That is a beautiful blanket!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely blanket! The colors are so soft and dreamy.

Bonnie, as a Moonchild with a Pisces rising, Pisces moon, Pisces Mars -- is it any wonder that I relate so with the magic that you weave? As another Astrologer and weaver - thank you for your inspiration and your generosity in sharing your work and techniques.

Tallyho and walk like an Egyptian, :-)

Dorothy said...

Inspired and inspirational - a beautiful blanket.

Bonnie, I really enjoyed listening to your interview in an old Weavecast yesterday. I'm still amazed by the beauty that emerges from your design method.