Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Picture Fixing

While it is easier in the long run to take pictures with a solid background, most often I find I am snapping a picture like this--on my not too attractive ironing board cover.

This picture is my latest bamboo/cashmere scarf. I delivered it last night to the fellow who last gave me 10 cashmere sweaters.

I have discovered, however, with not too much trouble, I can doctor my pictures. Actually, I quite enjoy the process. It is much like playing a computer game except in the end I have something to show for the hours spent. The picture above is still a work in progress. I believe I can make the edges of the cloth a little smoother.

I am using the program Photoshop Elements 2 (quite an old version). You can now purchase Photoshop Elements 6. Corel puts out a program called Paintshop Pro which is quite similar and actually comes with the newer computers. Here is a site that sells both. The older versions are surprisingly cheap, and even the latest versions aren't very expensive.

I have yet to master "layers" which would make it much easier to alter the backgrounds. I think part of me likes enlarging my picture until each pixel is a 1" colored square and having the power to alter a picture pixel by pixel.

One important tip: Always save the original picture, and do all of your changes onto a copy.
I'd be interested to hear other people's experiences.


Leigh said...

OK, I gotta put my 2 cents in here a put a plug in for The GIMP. It equals PSP or Photoshop and is free! I still like PSP, but don't use it anymore. Good job with your photo BTW.

Laritza said...

I use Irfan View also free and it has lots and lots of options. Plus it will import pictures in obsolete formats. I wrote an extensive post in my blog a while back under software for fiber artists or something like that.

Sarah said...

Good job. I am working in a minor on graphic design, but have yet to master any kind of photography that makes my weaving look nice. Maybe I use too much shiny yarn ;).


Peg in South Carolina said...

I have PaintShopPro. I just have to figure this one out! Just too tempting. I do understand a bit about layers; maybe that will help. We're going out of town for the weekend. Will let you know when and if I am successful with this new challenge........

Anonymous said...

The photo looks great. The light background of the original photo probably provided a better lit photo of the textile so adding the dark background afterwards seems to be to be a perfect solution to all textile photography! I'm still very inspired by your designing and weaving - I enjoy your blog immensely.