Monday, December 24, 2012



I was so excited about making this woven mosaic that I put it up on Facebook before I put it on the blog. I was already asked to explain what I mean by "peace in 16 languages". It is so much easier to demonstrate, but it is almost Christmas and I must be asleep before Santa arrives.

Briefly, the image above shows the stripes horizontal, the way they were woven. The image below is the way I displayed the weaving on Facebook (the way I think the image looks better, but I think it makes the whole concept more abstract). The whole thing is a number code---A= 1 row of weaving, and Z=26 rows of weaving. Over 60 people participated in weaving the four (each 3 yards long) banners, and every person selected their own favorite colors to "spell out" the word for peace 19 languages. (although there are only 16 represented in the image) Peace in English is the green one in the upper right corner. I hope that answers the question. The actual banners are still on display (until January 2) at Butterfly Herbs in Missoula, Montana. You would think that I had taken some pictures of the display. It's not over yet.  In fact, I will be setting up the loom to weave another banner soon. (open to all would-be weavers)


ystein said...

Beautiful - Thanks for sharing Bonnie. Warmly, Youpa

Dorothy said...

Happy New Year! I love the colourful peace message.

James said...

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Check-your-problem said...

That looks really nice how much did you sell in a year from this things what you are doing?

vuhelp said...

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