Monday, July 23, 2012


Talking Threads is a system of assigning a color and number to go with every letter of the alphabet. The number code is constant. The letter “A” = 1, “B” is 2, C is 3 and so on down to “Z” which is 26. To spell GENEROSITY (pictured above): G=7, E=5, N=14, E=5, R=18, O=15, S=19, I=9, T=20, and Y=25. There are 9 different letters, which means there are 9 different colors. The color selections were made by me and 5 of my friends. Each bar is cut out of a piece of matte board randomly 1” or ½” wide and the length is trimmed after the bamboo yarn is wrapped around the bars. The process is quite meditative, and the quality of the word seems to enter through the hands as what looks like a miniature quilt takes shape. The wrapped bars are templates for possible future weavings, but they are also complete as artifacts of contemplation.

I don't think that I have ever actually explained the process on my blog, but in the spirit of "generosity" it seems like the right thing at this time. How the work is displayed is shown in the second and third images of the post if you click here.

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