Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Personal Weaving Retreat

On Christmas morning I will begin weaving a Blessing Blanket

With all of the free flowing joy and celebration happening, I decided to use the energy to weave at this time. I have never spent Christmas in a personal weaving retreat, but it will surely be a joyous celebration. Take a moment to send a prayer if you think of it. Reports along the way to follow.

I always say the power of weaving is that there is no mistake I cannot fix---if I take the time. I certainly have had the opportunity to prove this several times over today. I don't remember the last time I made multiple threading errors, but I happily re-threaded (twice).

Have days of joy, peace and balance!

in whatever you do....


Anonymous said...

I wish you a wonderfull day between the yars at your loom. The colors of the warp are beautifull.
Liebe gruesse Patricia

Valerie said...

The photo of you at the loom is so peaceful! It's the kind of image that you just want to crawl into. Hope the feeling of the retreat is the same for you.

It's true about the mistakes and the challenges to weaving. There have been warps that the thing I liked most about the project was figuring out all of challenges more than the actual weaving....especially when there's differential take up, or skeleton tie-ups to figure out. Things to make you stop, pay attention, and be totally absorbed in the act.

Anyway...since you are working on a blessing blanket...which if I recall correctly these are usually inspired by words. Thought you would enjoy the serendipity of what I just read before coming to your blog post:
Words have Weight

ESAD Aufsperrdienst und Schl├╝sseldienst said...

so lovely :-) from Vienna

Benita said...

Good for you! And I envy you the opportunity - so much so that I think I'll join you over New Year's weekend.

Jess's Moment said...

nice.. i like it

squid said...

love the loom!