Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Silk Ikat Brooches at Hangin Art Gallery

The Killdeer Artisans Guild will present their Holiday Exhibit with an artist reception October 29th from 2-4 PM.

I decided to make some of my ikat jewelry. Below are a dozen brooches posing with a quarter in the lower left to give an idea of the actual size of the pieces.

I first started creating wrapped silk jewelry back in the 80's. Somewhere in the vast store of slide trays, I have many images of examples (to be scanned one day).

Each segment is wrapped in a manner I have perfected over the years.

I couldn't resist posing the jewelry pieces along with some of my woven images.

I can't decide whether or not the background adds to the effect or takes away from the piece.

Here they are mounted and ready to go. (except that I ended up taking the busy background away from half of them) I will see which ones are left over.

I only made a dozen as the space is limited in the gallery, but I am prepared to make more. If you are interested in purchasing these amazing little gems, please contact Hangin Art Gallery

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deer antler spray said...

An exhibit is a must for these cool art works.