Friday, April 29, 2011

Too Busy to Blog

I love the blogging community! My 4 years of blogging has brought me more pleasure and friends than I could ever imagine. I have been struggling to keep up in the midst of so much change in my life. I can hardly believe that I will be moving again within a month! Please continue to check in on me, and I will post whenever I can.

Here is a quick recap of April.

Wrapping Words for a Blessing Shawl.
Winding Almost Ikat stripes to go between the words for the Blessing Shawl

Finally finishing off the towel warp (or better, the warp that would be towels, but will be table mats instead). For those of you who are patiently awaiting your towel (3 of you!), my goal is to weave some towels before I dismantle the studio.

Teaching a Woven Collage workshop

Creating a Virtual Quilt from each students woven collage.

Anything else will just sound like whining and complaining (grin)


Sandra Rude said...

Hi, Bonnie, I hope you're staying in Montana? Or do you plan to migrate elsewhere? Happy weaving, and I hope happy packing and moving and unpacking and...

Bonnie said...

My plan is to stay in Montana. Thanks for the good wishes!

Cate Rose said...

All the best to you, Bonnie!

grace lovelace said...

bonnie....please take care of your self....i miss you

Theresa said...

Strong, Active, Woman..... if not now ...when?
xoxo <3