Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Origami Boxorama

In searching for the perfect little square box to house the 72 mini self portraits, I recalled some little folded boxes I learned to make at a Seattle Weavers Guild (hands-on) meeting. Interestingly enough, I brought one with me in my recent move. I must have known I would need to know how to make them, so make them I did. I printed some of my weaving images on regular computer paper, and it worked just fine.

Then I discovered that I couldn't stop making boxes---until I had made over a hundred of them.

So here is my holiday tree (grin). I know there is a reason I have entered into box-making madness, and I will tell you as soon as it is revealed to me.

The looms have been resting up for another round of weaving. The snow continues to pile up, and real winter is setting in. I have selected a word for the coming year---SIMPLICITY. (more on that later). If you are interested in selecting your own word for 2011, click here.

Have a meaningful New Year (grin)


Unknown said...

My Word is Abundance for the year 2011 Thank you for making me a part of this.

Cate Rose said...

Happy New Year, Bonnie! My word for 2011 is BRILLIANCE -- shining brightly in every way I can think of. Wish me luck!

Unknown said...

Your boxes are an inspiration and I hadn't thought of making photocopies of my weavings to use in my artwork...what a great idea.
thank you for getting the juices flowing! to a wonderfully woven year ahead :)Pam

Marina said...

Wow!!! great boxes!!!



chelsea said...

Those boxes are cute. You're so creative.

Happy New Year!

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MyrtleHernandez said...

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