Sunday, June 20, 2010

Georgia O'Keeffe Horoscope Shawl

You will be able to see, feel and wear this scarf/shawl at the Cotton Clouds booth #417 at Convergence in a few short weeks.

I may not have mentioned that the weaving above is a rendition of Georgia O'Keeffe's horoscope in Bambu 12 with variegated accent stripes (my new favorite thing) bordering each planet. It looks and feels smashing! I particularly like the way I wove half the scarf in turquoise and then gamped the other half.

Oh yes, I almost forgot to mention my fabulous model Breanne who took time out from creating amazing comics and zines to wrap up and pose for me.

I still have time to put another Georgia O'Keeffe in Bambu 7 on the loom. When I use Bambu 12, I wind each warp end doubled and sett at 24 epi. When I use Bambu 7, I wind a single strand and sett at 20 epi.

This warp is 28" wide going on the loom---plenty of room to put this on Grace, my 32".

I find it hard to believe both the finished Bambu 12 scarf and this Bambu 7 warp are the exact same color sequence.

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