Thursday, April 22, 2010

Weave A Real Peace

Weave a Real Peace (WARP) serves as a catalyst for improving the quality of life of textile artisans in communities-in-need.
I recently joined WARP and am preparing to attend their annual meeting being held at Spirit in the Desert just outside of Phoenix.

I have heard about WARP for years, and am finally going to see how my interests interweave with theirs. I can't wait to report back. I leave on Friday April 30.

Irene Schmoller, of Cotton Clouds and I will be rooming together and hatching some plans.

WARP's Core Values

  • Textiles are an important component of the human experience.
  • Providing support to textile artisans from communities-in-need gives them tools to shape their own destinies.
  • Networking and sharing information creates an environment for constructive action.
  • Making connections between textile artisans worldwide promotes positive social change.
  • Interacting with people who have similar values enriches our lives.

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