Friday, February 26, 2010

Show No Fear

There really are no knots. If the threads sense fear, then all is lost. But if I approach a seemingly impossible tangle with courage and optimism....

It's really not as bad as it looks, but it looks pretty bad. What caused the mess on this side is the series of adjustments I made in the raddle. The tangle occurred after I had wound back about 4 yds of a 6 yd warp. I usually put on a short 4 yd warp which always goes smoothly warping back to front. But the upside is I will have 2 scarves---one for Paula and one to sell.

I timed it. Winding back took me an hour, not too bad. The satisfaction of creating order from chaos is one of the best parts of this step. I always feel powerful when I have completed the winding back---like I can do anything. (Of course having the Olympics playing in the background helped )

The rest of the process is a breeze. I'm through the heddles in no time. I had this done yesterday, but I couldn't get my computer to deal with my images and had to give it a rest.



Anonymous said...

That's what I say to myself! "There are no knots, it is just a tangle" Very powerful words.

Sarah Nopp said...

umm.. that is pretty terrifying lol good job!