Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Gary Visits Gary

The Great Gary Grr Bear has flown up from Arizona to do a photo shoot. Before I could turn around, Gary the Bear had leaped up on Gary the Loom. I decided to wait until daylight to attempt to take some enticing pictures.

The picture below is NOT one of those pictures, but it is a good example of The Fudge Factor. (and it makes me smile) Notice how the blanket hangs. (not flat). Since the blanket will not be hanging on a wall, I don't fret about such things.
This was my best effort for the day, although I don't think this is the best I can do. I will give it another try tomorrow. Now that I look at it, I think I will chop off the bottom inch.

I don't think I see enough of the blanket in this one, and the white border is very distracting.


Lynn Majidimehr said...

I like the last picture the best. It shows the fabric better, even though it doesn't show as much of it. It's lovely!

irene said...

I love the last photo of Gary the Great Grrr Bear wraped in his Astrological Baby Blanket woven on Gary the Loom!
Irene, Cotton Clouds

Dorothy said...

The colours in this blanket are really lovely.

Obama said...

Nice drape for the teddy...the soft pastel shades look good for the photo shoot.