Sunday, November 8, 2009

Forth and Back

I had a grand whirlwind trip to Bellingham to spend a day with some of the Whatcom Weavers.
Turned Weft Ikat is a 3-day workshop--that is if one wants to do any actual dyeing, but I did it one day. I opted for "virtual dyeing"

I brought 25 lbs of already dyed yarn, some commercially space-dyed but much of it was ikat dyed skeins I have dyed over the years. I had 2 different weights of bamboo, merino wool, rayon chenille, 8/2 cotton, 20/2 cotton, and 3/2 cotton. Students selected the yarn they wanted to work with, and each person got enough yarn to wind a scarf warp.

Each student also wound a 1 oz skein of undyed Habu bamboo and wrapped it for dyeing (to be actually dyed at home after the workshop).

I got so caught up in trying to get everything done that I didn't really get many pictures. I was trying to give everyone a taste of ikat. It will remain to be seen how successful I was in inspiring the group. I will know if they weave their scarves (grin).

All of this happened in the middle of our first big storm of the Northwest--all very exciting. And now I am home getting ready for yet another trip out into the world. Friday---to Memphis.

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