Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Woundrous Blanky on the Loom Five Times

Panel #1
Panel #2
Panel #3
Panel #4
Panel #5

My biggest concern was that the ikat would overwhelm the horoscope panels.

And, yes, I hand wind all of my shuttles. I always have. Since I weave with multiple strands of weft, I find it easy to control the tensions as I load the shuttle. In addition, the shuttle holds 15-30 minutes of weaving time. I find that if I have to stop at frequent intervals and perform a task other than weaving, my aging body is thankful.


cwisner said...

I know that this may be a simple question but I need to know: as a Rug weaver I overlap the end of one shuttle with the beginning of another shuttle on the weft and just beat them together. I have just gotten an 8 shaft loom and have just started weaving items other than rugs. On panel #4 I see that you end one shuttle and a few warps later started another. How do you join the two wefts?

Bonnie said...

Hi Charlotte,
How you end and begin is how I do it now, but back then I would leave a 4" tail hanging out of the finished shuttle. I would tuck the tail into the very next shed. Then I would throw the new shuttle into that same shed, but leave a 4" tail hanging. I would change the shed and tuck that tail into that shed and then throw the shuttle coming from the other edge without changing the shed. Later on I would just cut off the two tails.

I hope that makes sense.

Life Looms Large said...

Whoa - at first I was thinking "Wow - she got a lot done today"....then I remembered that a little time warp was going on with this project! Phew!!!

It looks really good, and I eagerly await the next installment of the saga!!!


Woven Spun said...

So pretty. I can't wait for the next installment either.

Cate Rose said...

Simply awesome Bonnie. I especially like Panel #2, but they're all gorgeous. Some of your best work, IMHO.