Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mugging at St Marks

© 2008 Gabrielle Fine


When I was finishing up the project at St Marks Cathedral , I brought the Big Commission in to show the other weavers. This lovely photographer who was documenting the St Marks Weaving Project snapped a couple of picture of me. The light in the Cathedral was amazing. It really complemented the blanket colors.

© 2008 Gabrielle Fine


Well, the big let down has overtaken me. Everything that happened in the past 6 months and then sending off a project I had been working on for the past two years.....

I am a bit burned out. Plus I am leaving town in a couple of days heading back East to celebrate my mother's 90th birthday. I am not going away forever, but I am taking a small hiatus.

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Peg in South Carolina said...

Wonderful photos! Everybody needs a little hiatus on a regular basis. I do hope that yours is not too long (grin) but I also hope that you make it as long as you need to.

Valerie said...

Great photo's!

Safe travels and good rest my cyber friend. I'll keep my looms going 'til you get back!

Anonymous said...

Gabrielle, those are FANTASTIC photos! They made me smile. An artist and her art, caught in the act. Wonderful.
Have a nice trip back east. I'm in Boston, so I'm already east enough.
Looking forward to your return and posts.

Anonymous said...

Great photos. Very dramatic.

Have a safe trip, Bonnie. Let me know if you are in the area.

Leigh said...

Sounds as though a break will do you good. The blanket is super, so you deserve a little time off!

Bev said...

Have a great visit in the East. I arrived back in SC last night about midnight..... so sorry to leave the Left Coast. Time just sped by. I got the beads for my necklace there!! Maybe they'll give me some California Energy.

Tobie said...

Enjoy Baltimore and hope you get much rest.

Dorothy said...

Travel safely and enjoy yourself!

If you didn't need a break it would suggest you didn't put your all into that project! Clearly you did, and I'm really enjoying the photos.

Anonymous said...

I found your blog through you link on the ravely weaving group my daughter is part of.

I have truly enjoyed seeing your lovely projects and reading about your blanket and the St. Andrews panel.

The blanket if fabulous! Having done a fair amount of work using recycled cashmere, I can almost feel the blanket and it's softness. The photo at the top of the blog is wonderful.

I look forward to your return after a hopefully restful break, and seeing what wonderful new projects return with you.