Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Touch of Order Amid the Chaos

From within my cedar chest came the call of the Bamboo/Cashmere blanket panels--so decorative--so wanting to be completed. This will be the first order of business in the creative arena. The blanket will provide the perfect project to balance out the unpacking process.

And, of course, I had to display my current scarf series. It is interesting to look at them against a not white wall.

It is fascinating to experience my possessions in a completely new context. I have so many useless objects. More on this later.


Valerie said...

Even unpacked, your new home has style! I love the way you display the scarves and blanket panels. I need to think about ways to do this that are cat friendly.

Well, at least the useless stuff is all yours. I sort and discard a lot of stuff (mine) and live with two other packrats. (Can we tell I'm grumbly this morning and facing cleaning out space for three houseguests this weekend?)

Valerie said...

PS...and unboring wardrobe would have lots of Bonnie's horoscope shawls and stoles!!

As opposed to my grey T-shirt, drab green shorts, and walking shoes. Must go walk and get uncranky.

Anonymous said...

Bonnie your new home has so much potential - it is wonderful to "hear" the excitement you are experiencing with this move. New things no matter what they are can be a spring board for creativity don't you think. Keep up all your hard work - we all look forward to hearing what you have been up to.
Best wishes, Martha

Cate Rose said...

Hi Bonnie,
I love that bamboo ladder thing you've got your scarves displayed on...where did it come from?
Glad to see you're moving in!
All the best,

Leigh said...

Glad to see you have your priorities in order. Creativity before order! ;)