Thursday, April 19, 2007

A Magical Class: Part 2

THE CIRCLE OF LIFE: a seed bead and gem bead necklace fashioned after an individuals horoscope. The same color draft used to wind a warp is the same stringing sequence used to create a lovely unique piece of jewelry. The best part of this workshop (for me) is that the student goes home with a finished piece.
Before the class, I counted out 10 gems beads and 13 sterling beads, a little packet for each student. I thought they looked so sweet in their little piles. I often forget just how seductive beads are. It's when I am poking through my bead stash that I realize I am a lapsed recovering bead addict. Just stepping into a bead store gets my pulse racing.
Perhaps when you enlarge this picture you will actually be able to see the necklaces on the happy students.
Several Necklaces Posing