Friday, January 26, 2007

Color Horoscope Weaving

Detail of recent piece entitled: THE POWER OF GATHERING OVER TIME

I developed Color Horoscope Weaving in 1980. I was walking down weaving one day and walking down astrology the same day, and I bumped into myself. For those who believe astrology is of the devil, I suspect you have long since left the blog. For those who are curious as to how their own personal horoscope would translate into color, you have come to the right place.

Weaving is all about time. I know this to be true because the very first question anybody asks me when they see one of my weavings is, "How long did that take you to make?". I always say 15 hours. Half the people will then say, "Fifteen hours!! That's so long." The other half will say, "Fifteen hours! I thought it would take much longer than that." Pretty funny!

Weaving is time made visible, and time is where weaving and astrology meet. A horoscope is merely a map of the solar system at a particular moment in time from the perspective of a specific place on earth.

My interest in astrology began in the 70'ies as a tool to understand myself and make some sense of my life. I am not a professional astrologer but am extremely well conversant in advanced cocktail astrology :)

My long time interest in color weaving, color systems and color symbolism led me to translate my horoscope into color. My goal was to develop a product that I would know exactly how long it would take to weave, exactly how much yarn I would need, that it would be different every time, and couldn't be mass produced.

I use 12 colors, a spectrum. These colors combine to make over 5 billion color possibilities. The human eye can determine around 8 million color variations, so no two weavings will ever be exactly alike. (exciting for me, but a real handicap for marketing)

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