Thursday, May 31, 2012

What Makes it All Worth It

There are hardly words to express my feeling when I look at these pictures. Merin selected the colors for her blanket--the first time I have had the opportunity to engage a youthful recipient in this way. This experiment was most satisfying for all concerned.

Can you just imagine how wonderful it is to curl up in OUTSTANDING MORAL FIBER--recycled cashmere sweaters.

Some of us have been lucky enough to have had that special blanket. I will always remember mine---named, interestingly enough, PINKY


Donna Mollica said...

This is just the best! How wonderful to make such beautiful "recycled" items Bonnie. And what a lucky young lady. That is one special "blanky"

Anonymous said...

Oh Bonnie, you have outdone yourself! Stunning pinky blankie! Oh how I wish I was the young lady and could cuddle up with a blanket such as that. Well done Bonnie, well done.

Rhonda from Baddeck said...

This made me smile - what a beautiful blanket and a sweet, sweet child. She obviously loves the blanket. Since she had a part in its 'creation,' she will treasure it extra much --forever.

You can live healthy now said...

I am purely amazed at the creations. I love the color combinations and patterns you use. The pictures speak volumes of the joy and pleasures you give to those around you.

marde said...

Your love of, and faith in the inherent beauty of collaborative creating is what sets your work apart Bonnie. What an inspiration, and a gift!

aiza said...
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aiza said...

What a lovely blanky.. she sure loves it that much..

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jessy said...
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