Sunday, June 7, 2009

Going to Do Meets Doing

Before I head down to Asheville, I will be attending my 50th High School Reunion in Baltimore. I thought you would appreciate seeing my high school yearbook picture.

I am heartened by the comments I received about meeting up in Asheville and will talk about the trip tomorrow.

Back to the Seeds of Hope: This morning I pinned all the pieces together and sewed them. After lunch I trimmed and turned them.

All of it leading up to my favorite part--stuffing them with 21 grams of lavender flowers.

Now I just have to hand sew the openings, but that will have to wait until tomorrow.


Sara said...

You look Exactly the Same!

Love the seed packets, enjoy your trip, and hope you find the perfect place to live.

Bev said...

Bonnie, this is a kick. My 50th reunion will be in 2011 in Salisbury!

Looking forward to seeing you in Asheville.

Janet said...

How was the reunion? I went to my 50th in 2004 - now my 55th is coming up but it's only a luncheon and I will be 3000 miles away, hopefully in Seattle.

My yearbook disappeared around 1967and now it has mysteriously reappeared in someone's attic in New Hampshire - I am on track to retrieve it.