Monday, May 5, 2008

In and Out of the Closet

I'm still mucking around in my closets, but I had to take an afternoon off and spend a little time in the studio.
This warp is 3 words--- (left to right) FAMILY, FRIENDS, GOOD HEALTH. These words were sent to me by an old friend who is a long term cancer survivor. I asked her to send me 3 words that sustain her. In the picture above the aqua stripe to the left replaces to turquoise (just to the left of the red stripe)
A pretty easy fix, but one that stopped me for longer than it should have. I am on the way forward though. I like to have a weaving to start as soon as I finish, so now I can finish up the scarf on Grace.

The studio will remain functional throughout this moving process. (at least that it my intention.

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