Thursday, May 29, 2008

Gaining Momentum

The look, feel and drape of the Bambu 12 doubled and sett at 20 epi is just heavenly. Farewell to 24 epi. Do I have the courage to give 18 epi a try? I'll let you know.
Another feature on the plus side is that the fabric wrinkles less and the wrinkles hang out. Here are some stats of interest: Before washing in warm and drying on medium 19"x 84 1/2". After wash and dry, 17 1/4"x 76"
Remember my FORGIVE AND FORGET scarf? Bambu 12 doubled, sett 24 epi with triple strand un-knitted cashmere weft. My mother selected the colors for the words on the right.

My ex-cousin in law selected her favorite 11 colors to weave up the same words to the left. It's amazing how different they look. Plus I decided to change the sett on the second one to 20 epi. I believe the scarf will feel even better, but I will let you know.

Meanwhile I am playing around with some different colors of cashmere for the weft. If you have an opinion, let me know. Pink? Blue?

A couple of you have emailed me to design a warp using your own words. I must say it is working out quite well. I will show you the results once I receive them. I will continue to extend the invitation, especially to those who had questions about the Woven Words concept.


Peg in South Carolina said...

Try the 18 epi. The only way you really know that you have what you want is by going to that point where you don't like it. And then you will stop wondering.

Ames said...

So, I'm interested in the conversation you had with Jane--a) I adore Jane Stafford, she really changed the way I weave after a couple of her workshops. b) Are you still using a 12 dent reed or are you using a 10 dent?

I'd love to see how this turns out at 18 epi.

BTW, I think I'm going to use your color thread mixing on my commission piece.--Inspiration from Bonnie!! I'm going to do a blog description on the color thing.

Bonnie said...

I am using a 10 dent reed for 20 epi. I am not sure what reed I would use for 18 epi though. (3 threads in a 6 dent reed?)I am still waiting for a pictures of what you have been weaving, but I am thrilled to be the source of inspiration.

Cherri said...

What beautiful work. The bamboo piece is eye catching.