Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Back to the Business of Weaving

It was difficult to stop basking in the afterglow of my YouTube debut:) Thank you everybody for your delicious comments! I realize there is a limit to the number of weavings a person can have, but there is no limit to the laughter.

But seriously folks, I finally warped the bamboo horoscope. I went around the horoscope twice (360 ends + 360 ends). I thought this picture was interesting because you can see the offset look of the center from where I removed the lease sticks. This will not show when I weave. I have to get used to the pastel look as I am more of a jewel tone gal myself. The weft will be triple strands of the recycled cashmere in shades of beige and gray. I may have to do a little sampling to get the right combination that won't wash out what color there is.

This piece needs to be finished and delivered before I leave town again on the 19th.

Here is the view when I just turned around in the exact same spot. The yarn in the very front in the box and plastic bags is natural dyed 20/2 merino wool dyed by Michele Wipplinger back in the 80's, way before Earthues. I have just begun excavating in my closets, a subject for future posts.

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