Thursday, October 23, 2014



I think it was my very best!

 Everyone arrived with their horoscope warps on the loom and ready to go.
There were 15 students (my maximum), and what a great group of ladies!
Sadly I didn't get good images of everyone at the loom ("good" is the operative word here)

Usually one student completes their weaving, but 4 weavers completed their pieces during the workshop. The reason why everyone does not finish in the 3 days is because we are learning about Almost Ikat, Turned Weft Ikat, and Woven Words (3 workshops all at once). I will make another blog post featuring these aspects of the workshop, but my experience has been problematic when I try and download too many images. Yes, I know it is supposed to work, but all too often everything gets erased and I have to begin again.

So I am smiling just looking at the Mary Meigs Atwater Weavers.

And, of course, the class is not complete for me until I make a VIRTUAL QUILT from a series of "warpies" (kind of like selfies)--- I am so grateful for opportunity to present this workshop.



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