Monday, January 29, 2007

Who's on Grace

When people come into my studio instead of saying "What's on your loom?", they ask "Who's on your loom?" This is a chenille horoscope weaving of an old friend from back East. This is the first time I have woven a chenille horoscope on the small loom.

As you can see, I warp the loom from back to front. Warping from back to front is easier if you are doing a short warp. This may well be because it is the only way I have ever done it. I would be happy to talk about this some more if anybody is interested.

Weaving in action. I am inclined to vary the colors in the weft just to keep myself interested. Finished piece to follow in a couple of days.

Ok, I can't lie. I have already finished this piece and sent it off. I have another on the loom already. I don't want you think that I actually work as fast as it will seem when you see Grace's next warp.


Frances Goodman فرانسيس said...

I'd like to know more about warping front-to-back as opposed to the opposite. I always warp back to front, and I've never given much thought about Why, or if F-to-B would be better for some projects.

Your work is beautiful!

Ames said...

The chenille has a beautiful glow to it. Did you alternate gold and red for the weft?

I learned front to back originally and will still use it for shorter warps, or if I've goofed up the crosses in my bouts or something odd. Of course with the AVL, it's all sectional warping with a creel and tension box--LOVE that. I just put on 102" wide of 30 yards this past weekend and aside from having to make more than my fair share of repairs, it went on pretty fast.

Bonnie Tarses said...

Frances, If you want to know more about front to back, I guess Ames in the guy to talk to. I live on the West Coast now, and most everybody warps from front to back. I think it is just what you are used to and how you learned. It's like the two ways of knitting. Even though I learned the SLOW way, I can't seem to change over to the faster method.

curiousweaver said...

Bonnie your blog is absolutely wonderful. The colours are 'delicious'.

Terri said...

I would love to hear more about how you dress your loom from back to front. I see you have what appears to be a homemade rattle made with nails. Would love to hear more about the spacing of the nails, etc.

Bonnie Tarses said...

Hi Terri, The nails are spaced at half inch intervals. I would like to say that I made the rattle myself, but I didn't. I hate to admit it but, I pinched it from school back in '63. It seems to be nothing more than a 3/4"x1 1/4" piece of wood of unknown origin. I don't think it's a hard wood. I have seen other people try to make a rattle, and the wood always seems to split.

When I come to your guild, we can make time to visit your loom, and I can show you how I dress the loom. What kind of loom do you have, by the way? Some are made for front to back. I know I have had to modify my Gilmore loom a bit.